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A Storm in a Sea of Calm

I think nothing; I believe in the power of everything

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I am Calyx, and this is my place. You can never be sure what's going to pop up here, lol. Who am I? I'm still trying to figure that out for myself. Wife, mother, lover, professional, boss, dreamer, perfectionist, crafter, seeker, gardener, voracious reader. I am all of these and so much more. If that's not enough detail for you, I manage a group of people for the company of Big Oil (not its' real name, for obvious reasons) smack in the middle of Houston's Petrochemical row. I am happily married with two girls, and I adore my family, most of the time. My spiritual beliefs are eclectic, at best. I identify more with paganism than with organized religion, much to the dismay of my conservative Baptist parents. I have enough drama in my life due to the work environment, so I'd really not like to have any here. If you are from Big Oil and find this by accident, piss off. I don't want you here. I love taking photos and enjoy looking at other peoples' photos--always inspirational. I am a pretty friendly and open person, though many of my posts are friends only due to all the drama at Big Oil-- one can never be sure who might prowl by. If you'd like to friend me, go right ahead! I don't mind a bit!

Alternatively, you may call me:
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Countess Calyx the Flavoursome of Much Bottom
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